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The Story of UoB Debate Society

UoB Debate Society is a prominent, student led organisation, that provides an opportunity for students to discuss a plethora of topics and subject matter, in an inclusive, educational environment.

Our aim is to allow students from across the spectrum of courses at Brighton, to come together for discussion and debate, without judgement or pressure, and while championing free speech.

We strive to maintain a welcoming, friendly atmosphere, where members can choose their own level of participation, whether that is fighting their corner in the middle of the fray, or sitting back, and maybe just learning something.

Our weekly sessions and socials provide you with an opportunity to grow your social sphere at University with a group of like minded, academic people.

In addition to our regular sessions and socials, our committee organises frequent guest speaker events, charity fundraisers, and international trips, namely with the Model United Nations.

Even within this website, there are plenty of opportunities to engage with our society, from our member-led blog, to the society forum. You can also view our entire calendar for the year (subject to change).

We hope you consider joining, and if you already have, we look forward to seeing you.

Sincerely, The Committee 2020/21