A Fresh(er’s) Perspective on Debate Society

I firmed Brighton University as my first choice in February of 2019, and immediately began researching groups to join. Moving four hours away without any friends or any other kind of safety net was a very daunting prospect for me, but I was determined to do it, to gain some freedom and independency alongside my degree. One of the first societies that caught my eye was Debate Society, amongst a few others. I took Politics at A Level, and wanted to keep up to date with current affairs while at University, as well as gaining confidence in my opinions and broadening my subject knowledge. I found all of these things at debate. I missed most of freshers as being an anxious person I was initially too scared to show up. However one night a few of the members posted in the chat they were going out for sushi, and I decided to pluck up the courage and go. I instantly made friends, including someone living in the same halls as me I hadn’t met yet who I ended up getting the bus to debate with every week.

Not only were the weekly debates informative and exciting, it allowed me to open up to people and form bonds without having to go through any small talk or ice breaker conversations. The socials were inclusive and interesting, some of the more interesting ones being laser tag, ice skating, competitive beer pong and a 1920’s themed night out. By February 2020 I realised I had made some friends I’d have for life, and that I’d keep coming back until I finished my degree.

One of the main reasons I decided to run for the position of Welfare Officer as I wanted to give back to the society that had done so much for me. I am hopeful to help as many people as I can, whether it’s on issues within the society or within peoples personal lives. I also want to make sure the experience for freshers is even more amazing than it was in my first year, and so they can have fun without fear. I am a psychology student (and have been since A Level), and I have learnt about wellbeing via my course. I was also a St. John’s Cadet before going to University, and we were taught a lot about both physical and mental health.

I am excited for the coming year as our committee have worked extremely hard on creating a fantastic experience for our members, including a new website and many things to come.

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