Charity progress

This year has been a tough one for all, that itself being an incredible understatement. Reflecting on the last year I would like to look at one positive impact that did arise and I'd like to keep a memory of here.

As some may remember in November the society hosted a radio show. For myself this was a big deal, I had never been “on air” let alone used all the different types of software needed to run it. Planning was definitely a trial and error process of ideas that couldn’t be carried onto real life due to the pandemic. However, we still found a way and were able to make it happen.

Nothing brightened up that day more for me than the amount of support from everyone and the lecturers. Most importantly the committee, who gave up five whole hours alongside me. Makes me proud to be a part of such a team. Running two lecture talks, two debating sessions and a historical figures talk is no easy task. However, it was all massively worth it and most definitely something to return to in the future.

The project itself brought unexpected events, both Dr. Tim Wharton and Dr. James Cole realised they had common interests together through this project on pure coincidence. I cannot remember what it was, but wherever the line between archaeology and linguistics exists I’m sure! Although that could be anything from the theory of mind to the development of language.

Collectively we raised £135 for charity! A massive impact to say the least. All the money went directly to Mind Brighton & Hove, who provide advice, peer support, and wellbeing workshops to those living in the Brighton and Hove area. Mental health is such an important part of what it means to be human, and going through a pandemic itself is clearly no easy feat. To anyone who reads this, I hope that at any time you do need support, big or small, you reach out to services such as this.

I hope that we can continue to raise money, and awareness to causes that we so passionately care about in the months to come. There are things in the works to look forward to, that will be announced soon enough. But for now, as all teachers would say “give yourself a big pat on the back!”. You all most definitely deserve it.

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