Why I joined in 2nd year.....and stayed!

Hi! I’m Asher,

I joined debate at the start of second year... with the intention of sitting in the back and not saying anything, which I managed to pull off for a lengthy period of one session.

On the way home I ended up tagging along to the pub with several others, heading in the same direction, and next thing I knew it was almost time for my 1pm lecture the next day. Oops.

The most surprising thing for me was that despite the controversial topics we had discussed in session, we connected and chatted in a less intense and much more friendly way. Since then I’ve been abroad with everyone (pre-lockdown of course), and still felt part of a great community during lockdown too. Many have ended up living together!

I’ve made many fantastic memories, with a large portion of these being on my last Model United Nations trip. I am now the MUn offcer (ahhh!) but feel it combines my lov eof adventure and organisational skills. I am looking forard to extending this experience to even more people, in a safe way. As a society safety, especialy considering Covid, is something we are aware of.

I guess I 'technically' joined uni as a mature student, and debate even more so. I'm always about to answer questions (as is our amazing Welfare Officer Elly!) We welcome new members, comments and ideas any time of year!

I really look forawrd to welcoming new members through virtual freshers. I’ll naturally talk about any future plans in blog posts! Hopefully this has been a nice brief insight into Brighton Debate, and proof that anyone is able to join, Fresher or no!

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