Your Welfare at Debate Society

Debate Society takes the welfare of our members very seriously, and issues with bullying and harassment will not be tolerated within the society. We are committed to making our events and socials a safe place for all students, and therefore this guideline has been put together.

Members of this society are responsible for making sure they abide by the code of conduct, written in our constitution. As well as this they must follow the University of Brighton Student Contract, and the University of Brighton Equality and Diversity Policy. Debate society is a safe space for all LGBTQ+ members, women, religions, the differently-abled and black and POC. We look out for of all of our members and pride ourselves on inclusivity. We champion freedom of speech, however, the safety our members come first and hate speech will not be tolerated. As written in our code of conduct all members must be treated with decency and respect as equals.

Prohibited behaviour ranges from verbal to physical. No form of harassments or threats are allowed regardless of intent, or language and behaviour deemed offensive. Damaging or destroying property that does not belong to the individual also goes against our code of conduct. We also prohibit inciting hatred and disruptive behaviour. This does not cover our entire code, however it touches the base values of our society.

All members are given three strikes in the form of a warning, official meeting with the committee and a permanent ban. Depending on the severity of the situation we maintain the right to call for a suspension or ban of any member who has committed an offence. If you wish to learn more please contact your Welfare Officer Elly Gault or find the constitution on our website. .

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