The Committee


Liam Fitzgerald


Liam likes history and alcohol, he likes one of them to an unhealthy degree, but his liver is fine if you know what I mean. If you see him wandering in the street, your best bet, cross the road, lest he harass you about if you'll be attending the next session


Grace Aldcroft

Vice President | Finance

One time, I saw Grace fighting a small rabid dog. It was the most horrendous thing I've ever seen. Actually, now that I think about it, the small rapid dog resembled Henry quite a bit.


Harry Proudley

Vice President | Social

Harry "Vice President" Proudley has been working his entire life to make his unfortunate middle name make sense, and he's never been happier now it does. (Just don't tell him he's not the only Vice President, we don't think he could take it.)


Asher Foister

MUN Officer

As MUN Officer, Asher has promised to pay for every single member to attend any MUN they want, at least that's what i think the MUN Officer does, I've never spoken to them about it because I'm scared I might be wrong.


Elly Gault

Welfare Officer

If you're sad, talk to Elly about it. She's literally a free therapist. Shove all your problems her way, and if she doesn't do an excellent job, we can burn her at the stake to make us all feel better. It's a win-win!


Henry Adams

Advertising & Outreach Officer

If you're reading this, then that means that Henry has probably succeeded in advertising to you, so we would like to apologise if he did it in that weird, fake British accent he puts on.


Tilly Arnett

Collaborations Officer

Despite her reputation as a professional bodybuilder, Tilly takes time off to organise collaborations with other societies. She desperately wants to collaborate with the "Did you know I go to the gym?" society, but they sound a bit too healthy for us.


Şeniz James

Charity & Fundraising Officer

Seniz has some decent experience in the whole fundraising  charity scene, and that's good, because the rest of us have no idea what we're doing.